Mission: Complete?

I am so blessed to have had this opportunity in my life and would whole-heartedly encourage anyone vaguely considering taking real time out to travel this continent to get out there without hesitation. The memories I have made will surely stay with me a lifetime (thanks in part to what I have been writing… as my unassisted memory is awful…). I am really grateful to everyone who has been part of the trip and graced me with the pleasure of their company, conversation and friendship.

The blog has been a labour of love to write on my mobile (for the most part) as it’s slow work… and loading up SLR camera photos with South American wifi is generally pretty painful! But it has entirely worth it and I’m glad I have finally found the time and motivation to finish it off… eventually!

Lastly, I want to thank you as a reader for sharing in this with me, whether you have stuck with this from the beginning (really well done if that’s the case!), dipped into the occasional chapter or simply have somehow found your way here without even knowing me (Welcome…!). I would be lying if I said your interaction (and direct encouragement from some) hadn’t in a way helped me keep at it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading it… even a fraction as much as I enjoyed living it, and you are spurred on to continue (or start?!) your own adventures. Maybe you can even let me know if you are writing something yourself like some already have!

I am back in London these days, a bit less lost (maybe), a bit more accountant (definitely).

Hasta la proxima!  Until next time!, and there will be a proxima… some day.

Yours truly,


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