I basically hung out in the common area with the hope of meeting some new people and pretty quickly bumped into a Dutch guy who was travelling with a mate of his from home and two French dudes all same sort of age. We had what was actually a really good dinner in the Kultur Berlin restaurant part of the hostel and a few drinks, bolstering our group over time with further individuals from Canada, Germany, Austria, Holland and Sweden. I realised I was actually the only Brit, but thankfully everyone spoke good English! That night we had a dance in the hostel’s club area before I turned in, turns out some of te others made it to a karaoke bar! Gutted I missed it!

The vague plans we had didn’t materialise the next morning due to the 5am finish for some the night before and so instead I thought I’d go for a walk and check out the sites myself while everyone recovered. On my way out I bumped into one of the girls, Hailey, who seemed to be faring better than most and so we wandered around for a bit. She had actually been there a while so knew where stuff was and kindly showed me around the various spots and plazas, including one with a curious mini (and bright orange) Eiffel Tower structure in the middle of it, apparently designed by the same architect.

We then met up with the others for a lazy lunch and eventually headed out for the mirador (viewpoint) and a half-hearted inclination to make it to a nearby museum before returning for the sunset. Instead we just hung out there the whole afternoon – it was a beautiful place and a really nice group, plus there was good sangria.

(Closest thing to a full group photo, left to right: Sander, Caroline, Sonja, Hailey, Me, Lieke, Cristian)

We eventually left, had an amazing burger at a chain called Xtreme and had a couple of drinks at the hostal bar then out to another one nearby… our numbers waning the later it got by virtue of the last night’s activity until ultimately just two of us that made it to the club “mitos” and stayed until the early hours talking and dancing with some locals.

A relatively slow start the next morning and a brunch of amazing salteñas from a place called Flores if memory serves. Then on for covering a bit of distance by foot to check out the last of the sites on the list but not yet seen. Hailey and I also made it to the museum planned for yesterday and muddled through the Spanish explanations of exhibits. I’d refused the English booklet and nearly regretted it given it was a textile museum with a fair amount of specialist vocabulary… but I think we did pretty well and got the gist. Massive Mexican for dinner then a Bolivian traditional dance show out on in the hostal that night before some daringly late time on the dance floor ahead of my flight to Santa Cruz the next morning. I made my goodbyes that night in the knowledge there was a good chance some wouldn’t make it to breakfast before I left, but repeated some then next morning too before I made it to the airport. Definitely hope to see this lot again some day.

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