Mission statement!

Buenos Días – So here we go, my own blog! Just a short one to kick off but sure will still manage to be inevitably cringeworthy as these things usually are!

I have been thinking about what I want to get from this and decided it’s a good idea to write it all down. Two reasons for this, the first being so I stay actually stay on track and the second so that anyone who has found their way here has an idea of what to expect. 

I’m just about to embark on what promises to be a trip of a lifetime around South America solo and have been encouraged by friends and family to start a website documenting my travels. Now I’m only taking my iPad rather than a proper laptop in an attempt to travel light, and so it’s not likely to be particularly detailed… I’m confined to a touch screen keyboard or risking the dictation function. So if you are looking for rich prose look elsewhere! Instead what this should be is a quick and dirty record of the places I go and what I get up to, I don’t want to spend much time on it but will try and do at least a couple a week. 

After taking some advice I’ve also bought myself a nice digital SLR camera and so will be looking to bring this to life with pictures and maybe some videos or music specific to where I am…. caveat I am no pro! I may not be very contactable out there with the lack of a functional phone and the time difference so this should work as a place to update everyone who is interested as well as giving me a great souvenir that persists when the trip is done. I might also include some local colloquialisms/phrases for my Spanish speaking friends. 

I fly out at the end of the month so have six more days to squeeze everything in including moving out of the flat and dumping all my stuff somewhere (thanks Sis!), saying the last few goodbyes and of course figuring out what I’m going to take and what I’m going to take it in… will also try and pack in loads Spanish practice. 

So with that just wanted to say thanks for taking a look, and as this is my first time of doing anything like this I welcome any thoughts as we go along about what you think I should include etc. and any questions if something tickles your curiosity. I am hugely excited right now, hope you get to share in as much of that as possible through these posts!

Hasta Luego Amigos! x 

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